Photo by Danielle Fontaine

Christopher Blackman is a poet and educator, originally from Columbus, Ohio. His poems have appeared in Mississippi Review, TYPO, Cleaver Magazine, and Atlas Review, among others. He currently resides in New York City.

Forthcoming Publications

DIAGRAM, Grist: A Journal of the Literary Arts, and The Kenyon Review.

Previous Publications

The Scores

Issue 9 (Online, Winter 2021)

“Auto-brewery Syndrome,” “Lear Season”

Rust + Moth

Spring 2021 (Online and Print)

“January One,” and “Freedom!”

Cider Press Review

Volume 22, Issue 4 (Online Winter 2021)

“Must to Kennel”

Pine Hills Review

August (Online, 2020)

“Denmark in Twilight,” “Factory,” “Auld Lang Syne”

The Night Heron Barks

Summer 2020 (Online, 2020)

“Easter,” “Swan Dance”

Mississippi Review

Issue 47.3 (Print, 2020)

“Death’s Au Pair”

Cleaver Magazine

Issue 24 (Online, 2018)

“Pax Romana”

Muse/A Journal

Issue 6 (Print, 2018)


EuropeNow Journal

Tourism: People Places & Mobilities (Online, 2017)

“Blessing for Travelers,” “Ode Upon a Greek Restaurant Wall,” “The Very Confusing Field Trip,” “Development”

TYPO Magazine

Issue 27 (Online, 2016)

“Douglas Sirk Directs My Life”

The Atlas Review

Issue 5 (Print, 2015)

“Bowery,” “Caveman Poem,” and “Abdicating the Burn Ward”